How to Register on Indonesian Poker Sites

Playing poker has been done since ancient times. In ancient times people would go to a casino or shop to play poker and bring money to be able to put bets on playing. However, this is rarely found in the real world because playing poker is prohibited in some countries even though it is still there, but only big cities dare to practice poker directly. In Indonesia, the practice of playing poker is something that is prohibited by the government. Even if caught playing poker might be sentenced to prison imprisonment. Then how can we play poker calmly? We don't need to worry about how we can play poker. Along with the development of the poker game can now be played online with internet access and there are also many Indonesian poker sites on the internet and how to access them is easy.

In playing poker we certainly have to register first so we can play. The steps in registering are also not too complicated and complicated. First you have to search for Indonesian poker sites on the internet. But we must be picky and sensitive in choosing the poker betting sites that have been provided. Because not all sites provided are guaranteed to be correct. Some of them are only used as fraudulent venues for players who are not yet familiar or new. Look for reliable site info through friends who are experts or we can ask customer service from the web or site. If the response is good then the web can be trusted. The next step in registering the Indonesian poker site is to find the registration menu that has been provided on the web. When we don't have an account, usually the web will automatically direct us to the registration menu first after that we click the registration menu. But we also have to pay attention to the requirements in the web. When registering we are required to have a telephone number, account number and email address that is active and can still be contacted. Telephone numbers are usually used to contact players if there are problems in the game. The account number is used for the money transfer process that we have. We must transfer money in advance so that we can play and place bets as we wish. Email addresses are usually used as an alternative if our telephone number cannot be contacted or lost. After that we will be guided to fill in the columns that have been provided to fill in our data.


We recommend that we use our original data without falsifying our data. This is because if there is a problem in the game, the game server can contact us without difficulty. After completing the data, the next step is that we have to wait for confirmation from the server regarding the data that we have entered whether we have met the requirements or not. If not, we will be asked to refill our data correctly. After the data that we have entered has been confirmed by the server. We will asked to confirm the password and email address that we have entered as the account that we will have. And when we want to play we only have to enter the email address and password without having to fill in the data again. The next step is that we will usually be asked to transfer some money as our deposit in order to place bets in the game.


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